Special Programs

Thanks to our large network of connections with various top professionals and organizations, we are offering special programs for the participants of our workshops and our club members. These programs are organized once a month or more frequently on demand and provide participants with useful information, new fun experiences, education and everything that might be interesting and beneficial for them. If you join us, you will be able to enjoy in big variety of short trips, tours, workshops, trainings and other kinds of events and gatherings. Some of our Special Programs are completely free and some are available for reasonable fee which varies depending on different factors. We insist on warm and friendly vibe, so it is also a great opportunity for you to meet new people both from local and international Belgrade community. Some of the Special Programs we may arrange include:

1) discovering archaeological sites and other interesting places

2) learning how to manage local utilities, paperwork and banking systems

3) tasting crafted beer, quality wine, food and other delicious local and international delights

4) learning how to make healthy herbal cosmetics at home

5) learning to cook tasty meals

6) practicing qigong, tai chi and yi quan

7) experiencing music therapy

8) collecting herbs and mushrooms

9) taking a fitness walk

10) music workshops

11) learning different painting and decorating techniques

12) attending private exhibitions and talking with renowned artists

There are many other programs we may arrange for you and your friends and family! We would also love to hear your ideas and suggestions and adjust our programs to you! All you need to do in order to participate in our Special Programs is to become our member or to participate in at least one of our weekly workshops. And how you may become the proud member of “Kreativno” Club? Very easily! You may join us for free and accept to receive our newsletters with information about upcoming programs here. You may also become our VIP member if you attend both of our main workshops or bring your family and friends to attend at least one of them with you. VIP members are getting discounts for Special Programs and purchases in few shops and organizations in Belgrade. Our Special Programs that you like the most may also become regular in our offer. Find our contact details here and join us today. Welcome to “Kreativno” Club!