Media Workshop

We designed Media Workshop for high school and university students who are interested in journalism and public relations or simply want to be more confident and skilful in different kinds of communication and public appearances. In this workshop, they will be able to gain knowledge and practice various different skills that are proved to be very helpful for all kinds of professionals both for career and everyday life nowadays. These skills and knowledge may be useful even for their performance at school and university. We are helping the participants of Media Workshop to learn:

a) how to find reliable sources of information and research any topic

b) how to express themselves clearly and concisely

c) how to write articles and improve their writing skills

d) how to speak in public with confidence and focus

e) how to make and produce video content

f) how to conduct an interview

g) how to communicate assertively and efficiently in any environment

h) how to use social and other media for professional purposes

i) how to make connections in media and beyond

They will also learn about digital media, television production, printed press and radio. The concept of learning includes fun and interactive lectures, discussions and practice. Participants will also be able to get their first written and video content published in „Australiana Serba“ Online Magazine & Channel and other digital media. We will provide our participants with certificates for internship and workshop attendance in case they need it. Their main teacher is renowned journalist Ivana Nikolić with impressive career and experience in all kinds of digital and television journalism. Our aim is to encourage them to be confident, skilful and knowledgeable in school, university, career and life in general. Knowledge about different media and communication skills and practice in these fields is very important for most of professionals in our age. That’s why we believe our Media Workshop may be very beneficial both for future journalists and all kinds of students and professionals. Learning with us is fun and yet develops the sense of responsibility. If you want to attend our Media Workshop, you may find our contact details here and join us today. Welcome to our Media Workshop!