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„Kreativno“ Club & Workshop is designed for diplomats and expats in Belgrade who want to spend quality time, meet people, learn more about local and international culture, discover interesting places and get to know better local community and lifestyle. „Kreativno“ means „Creative“ in Serbian and describes well interesting concept of this brand new club & workshop. Our aim is to help diplomats and expats in Belgrade to get to know better local heritage and modern life as well as expat community. The main workshop „Kreativno“ is organized once a week and it is all about local and international literature, music, history and culture in general, but it may be very helpful for managing and making the best out of everyday life in Belgrade as well. It consists of interactive classes and discussions and takes place in a cosy space designed for this purpose or in historical parts of Belgrade where you may learn about local culture on the spot while having nice, relaxing walk. You may find more info about our main workshop „Kreativno“ here. You may also try new things from tasting crafted beers to practicing qigong and visiting archaeological sites in our Special Programs. Thanks to our large network of connections with various top professionals and organizations, we are offering these programs for the participants of our workshops and our club members. Some of our Special Programs are completely free and some are available for reasonable fee. We organize them once a month or more often on demand and you may find more information here. There is also weekly Media Workshop for young expats of high school and university age. who are interested in journalism and public relations or simply want to be more confident and skilful in different kinds of communication and public appearances. In this workshop, they will be able to gain knowledge and practice various different skills that are proved to be very helpful for all kinds of professionals both for career and everyday life nowadays. These skills and knowledge may be useful even for their success at school and university.

Our team

And who we are? We are Association „Australiana Serba“ and we have our very own online magazine & channel. We have offices in Belgrade and Sydney and large network of connections and associates all around the world. While our story started out of love for Serbia and Australia and our online media focuses on Australian and Serbian topics, our aims and activities have grown way beyond these two beautiful countries. Our members are interesting people of many different professions, backgrounds and aspirations, but what brings us together is our passion for promotion of local and international cultures, education and connecting people and communities. You may read more about some of our editorial and creative team members here. There is more information about some of the people and organizations we cooperate with here. When it comes to our “Kreativno” and Media workshops, the president of Association “Australiana Serba” Ivana Nikolic is in charge for that while there are many other top professionals involved mostly in our Special Programs. Ivana has master of arts in literature and languages and over fifteen years of experience in all kinds of television and digital journalism. As an author and host of over 300 documentaries about culture and history, she researches these fields for years and has an outstanding knowledge and education. Ivana is very passionate about history, art and culture and her journalistic experience taught her how to present and share her knowledge in a catchy and dynamic way. Ivana is also (ex) classically trained pianist with nine years of music education in a fields such as history of music or traditional music to name a few. She is also experienced in organizing exclusive cultural events. You may find more info about her career here. On top of everything, most of our team members and connections have an experience of living abroad and they know very well what are the needs of diplomatic and expat community. That’s what inspired us to create our “Kreativno” Club & Workshops. Welcome to “Kreativno”, the place designed for you!