How can you get involved in the “Creative” campaign for the promotion of culture? There are several ways and it all depends on personal schedule and wishes. One minute is enough – anything beyond that only if you want to. What are those ways? These are our suggestions, and we are open to new ideas. Here you will find out what you can get in return in addition to the nice feeling that with little or no effort you are helping the culture promotion so that it can be again in a deserved honourable place in society and improve the position of all creatives who are making and preserving it.


How? This is the easiest and fastest way because all you have to do is to become our ambassador and let us place your profile on our website in the OUR AMBASSADORS section. That’s already great support and you don’t have to do anything else. If you want to and cannot publicly support us (eg you have a contract with an employer that does not allow you to do so), we can create a profile for you that will not reveal your identity – there are several options for that.

Possible benefits? Maybe someone finds you through our platform and offers you a job, gig or some other form of collaboration. If you don’t have a website, we will create a free page for you, which you can use as your online portfolio.


How? Invite creatives from your circle of family, friends and business contacts. Tell them about us, send them this page and our promo video, and share it on social networks or any way you want. The more of us, the merrier.

Possible benefits? The more people get involved, the more opportunities for everyone to create new connections, make ideas come true, and find new jobs, associates and friends.


How? This is another easy and quick way. Tell about us to someone who might be interested, share our content, news, and information on social networks or your website, mention our activities in the media or otherwise help get the word out about us.

Possible benefits? Positive vibes and a reason to socialize and communicate with people of shared interests and values. Who knows, maybe this simple sharing may also lead to new friendships and collaborations.


How? You are also welcome to share your recent and upcoming triumphs, works, performances, writings, creative posts and other news and content of your choice either by posting it directly in our Facebook group or sending it to us to feature it on our pages and profiles. If the news is significant, please email us a brief information along with a photo or video link, and we will gladly publish it in the NEWS section of our website.

Possible benefits? Assistance in promoting and fostering your creative work and beyond.


How? Please check out our writings, videos, and other content and submit your creations to be included in our campaign. You can also get involved regularly through different activities, ideas, proposals, or any other engagement.

Possible benefits? The opportunity to share something beautiful that you do and create, and maybe something new and unexpected, that will give you the confidence to try your hand at it as well (eg you are a musician but want to give your gift for painting, writing or videography a chance).


How? When there’s media coverage of our culture campaign, say something to radio, television, newspapers and other media. It can be a regular practice if you actively participate in the campaign.

Possible benefits? An opportunity to gain new contacts and experience with the media, and to present yourself and your work to the audience. If your art or work is already extensively covered by the media, it will be another way to connect with people who respect and love what you do and contribute to a noble cause such as this campaign.


How? Join our mailing list to receive monthly updates and notifications about our activities. By doing so, you will stay informed and have the opportunity to easily and freely engage in activities that align with your interests.

Possible benefits? Besides getting the news, you can discover novel employment opportunities and projects if you are looking for them. Moreover, you can actively engage in our virtual and in-person gatherings, media workshops, and various delightful surprises.


Want to get involved in a way not listed here? We can’t wait to hear!