Kreativno is a platform for promoting culture and everything that unites people in a time when so much separates us. Our mission is to remind people that they should value themselves and not agree to kitsch and other toxic content, which are popularized with the justification that people like it. We are deeply convinced that people love what is offered to them in the right way.

We want to support all those who contribute to the development and preservation of cultural heritage and creativity. We also gather artists, journalists, interpreters, translators, cultural associations, galleries and other creatives and organizations, so that those who want to cooperate with us can find and contact us more easily. Some you can contact directly, and some through us.

The platform is run by journalists with vast experience in public relations, and television, print and digital journalism. Therefore, we are here to help other “creatives” and everyone who needs professional assistance with their interviews for the media and other public appearances and public relations through consulting or teaching.

Here you can find people for both your short-term and long-term projects, but also for permanent employment if that’s what you’re looking for. We will also soon launch a special internet bulletin board, which will help people from Serbia, the region and the diaspora to connect, whether they want to hire someone or are looking for a job in the field of culture and media. It is also a way to support culture and all those who preserve and create it.

On the Kreativno website, you can also read articles by our founder, journalist Ivana Nikolić, who writes about current social affairs and professional challenges faced by today’s creatives. Interviews with prominent artists, scientists and other outstanding people are also being prepared. We have a literary corner as well, in order to popularize quality content in that way too.

We would love to hear your suggestions and would appreciate any kind of support in this endeavor. Since we gather professionals from all over the world, the platform is open to people from all over the world. Welcome to the world of creativity and beauty of creation and exchange!