Great Success of Lecture for Diplomats and Expats in Serbia

One of the most renowned Serbian writers nowadays and renowned history professor at Becker College (Massachusetts, USA) Vladimir Pištalo gave a lecture „Undiscovered Serbia“ about Serbian cultural heritage for foreign diplomats and expats in Serbia with great success on June 17th 2019 at Belgrade City Library. This exclusive event was organized by our Association „Australiana Serba“ and there were Australian Ambassador Ms. Ruth Stewart, First Secretary of Iranian Embassy Hassan Rezaei and other honourable guests from UN, UNHCR, Embassy of Malaysia and other respectable institutions and organizations. There were also few guests from Serbian diaspora from Australia and Germany in the audience. The lecture moderator was the president of our Association Ivana Nikolić, while Slobodana Jelić from our Governing Board was in charge for visual part of the event. After the lecture, Vladimir Pištalo was signing his books in Serbian and English for many interested guests.

„We are proud that the lecture was a great success and that the Department for Arts Hall of Belgrade City Library was full. We hope that this is the first of many events of that kind. With this lecture we also officially started our „Kreativno Club“, which is designed for this kind of activities“, said our president Ivana Nikolić.

Vladimir Pištalo previously gave lecture about Serbian culture at famous Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. (USA), one of the most significant and prestigious cultural-educational institutions in the world. He also spoke about Serbia in US Congress Library on the occasion of his USA book tour and promotion of American edition of his novel „Nikola Tesla – Portrait With Masks“ published by renowned „Graywolf Press“ publishing house. „Undiscovered Serbia“ was his first lecture about this topic in his homeland Serbia. He is currently also engaged in European tour and promotion of his latest book „The Meaning of Joker“.

The sponsor of „Undiscovered Serbia“ was Serbian Beer House from Belgrade whose team presented and served luxurious Serbian crafted beer at the reception after the lecture.

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